Missa Johnouchi - Road to Oasis (Pacific Moon CD series)

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Missa Johnouchi - Road to Oasis (Pacific Moon CD series)

Missa Johnouchi - Road to Oasis

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1. The Last Caravan
2. Shangri-La
3. Road to Oasis
4. Desert Mirage
5. Moon Over the Border
6. Snow Bird
7. Stardust Tapestry
8. Nomads
9. Holy Sunset
10. Prayer
11. Horizon

Missa Johnouchi again teams up with the Li-Hua ensemble, to create the captivating sequel to their first popular album, “Asian Blossoms.” The Li-Hua ensemble is the only quartet of its kind – all women, playing traditional Asian instruments. Each member is also an award-winning soloist in her own right.

Other musicians join in on this album as well, and a myriad of exotic Asian instruments (many of which are rarely heard on this continent) are intertwined with instruments of the West, to create this extraordinary musical journey.


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