(Green Day) The Network - Money Money 2020 (2003) [Reissue 2004]

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(Green Day) The Network - Money Money 2020 (2003) [Reissue 2004]

The Network - Money Money 2020 (2003) [Reissue 2004]
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The Network is a mystery wrapped in an enigma- the true identities of the bandmembers are unknown. What is knowable is the music- a synthesis of pop and sarcastic social commentary blended into an electronic, New Wave, Devo-influenced post-punk experience. Originally released last September on the indie Adeline Records label of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, now The Network's debut album, Money Money 2020, premieres on a major label, boosted by the addition of two new tracks, "Teenagers From Mars" (a cover of The Misfits classic) and "Hammer Of The Gods." Outrageous and off-the-wall, the Network challenges the musical status quo with Money Money 2020.

Though largely unsubstantiated, rumors abounded that the mystery group known as the Network is actually Green Day, joined by members of Devo. Whether or not these rumors were true, it's not a stretch to imagine that Green Day and Devo are behind the Network, because the music falls firmly within the hook-filled, post-punk ken of both bands. The synth-driven, herky-jerky grooves and stylized, robotic singing come straight out of the Devo rulebook, while the hard-hitting, up-tempo tunes and the tightness of the group (powered by some intensely propulsive drumming) bears a marked similarity to Green Day's pop-punk aesthetic.

With its nervous energy and tech-minded themes, the music directly recalls early-1980s New Wave. Song titles like "Transistors Gone Wild," "Supermodel Robots," and "X-Ray Hamburger" unabashedly conjure up the era of Max Headroom, parachute pants, and Kraftwerk. The title track owes something to early-MTV goth-tinged dance music, as does the post-industrial "Spike." While it's easy to play spot-the-influence here (the lead singer does his best Sid Vicious impression on "Right Hand-a-Rama"), MONEY MONEY 2020 is still great fun, updating and energizing '80s styles for a new generation.


01. Joe Robot
02. Transistors Gone Wild
03. Reto
04. Supermodel Robots
05. Money Money 2020
06. Spike
07. Love And Money
08. Right Hand-A-Rama
09. Roshambo
10. Hungry Hungry Models
11. Spastic Society
12. X-Ray Hamburger
13. Teenagers From Mars [Reissue Bonus Track]
14. Hammer Of The Gods [Reissue Bonus Track]

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Produced by The Network.

• Fink - lead vocals, guitar, drums on "Hungry Hungry"
• Van Gough - lead vocals, bass guitar
• The Snoo - drums, lead vocals on "Hungry Hungry"
• Z - keyboards, backing vocals, keytar on "Right Hand-A-Rama"
• Captain Underpants - keytar, keyboards on "Right Hand-A-Rama"
• Balducci - rhythm guitar

Still unknown about The Network is which stage name goes with which musician. The following information may or may not link the members of Green Day to certain stage names in the band.

• Fink: Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has written songs for Pinhead Gunpowder under the alias "Wilhelm Fink." Fink of The Network and Armstrong are also both born under the same astrological sign: Aquarius. The Network is also signed under Billie Joe's record company, Adeline Records. The official Network web site also claims that Fink financed the band, when in actuality this was done by Armstrong. Another coincidence is that in the song "Spike" the character Branden moved into a warehouse in Oakland. It is well known that Billie Joe used to live in a warehouse in Oakland with several other punk rock band members. And in another song, he mentions "The Ave.", which is a nickname for Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, on which the title of the song "Stuart and the Ave." on the Insomniac album is based. Another clue to Fink being Armstrong is that on the CD Short Music For Short People, Green Day plays a song called "The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink."

• Van Gough: Mike Dirnt is identified by most fans as Van Gough. Van Gough claims to be a vegan on the band's official biography on the website, even though Mike Dirnt is not vegan. (Cf. Vincent van Gogh.)

The Snoo: Tré Cool can be identified in several pictures (note the size and shape of the nose). The Snoo claims to be a former Mexican wrestler in his bio on the Network's official website. Green Day has, in the past, had a run-in with former ECW wrestlers Tazz and Tommy Dreamer. The Network was a faction representing TNN, now Spike, censors when ECW had a wrestling program on the channel. Spike is also the name of a song by The Network, telling the story of how a punk rocker becomes homeless when his girlfriend leaves him. On the GDA website Billie Joe Armstrong claims that his favorite joke from all of those he made up is ‘What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend? Homeless!’ Cool was seen wearing a similar mask while pranking supporting band The Bravery during a concert at Times Union Center in Albany, N.Y. and while pranking opener Best Coast at Green Day's March 31, 2013 concert at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh (while wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey).

• Captain Underpants: He is believed to be Reto Peter, a Swiss producer. This is supported by an obviously faked press conference seen at the end of the DVD Disease is Punishment where questions by the press are answered in Swiss German by one of the band members. (Cf. Captain Underpants.)

• Z: He is believed to be Chris Dugan, a sound engineer.

• Balducci: is most likely Jason White, Green Day's back-up guitarist. Balducci even fills that duty in the Network, and is seen on stage in a similar stance to White's when he plays guitar.

• Reto Peter: Is also the co-producer of Money Money 2020 and one of its songs is called "Reto".

• Chris Dugan: The sound engineer for Money Money 2020 and the mixer for Disease is Punishment. He is also credited with the production of a Green Day B-side "Governator".

Original Release Date: September 30, 2003
Re-Release Date: November 9, 2004
Label: Reprise Records
Catalog No.: 948844-2
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