Oregon - Our First Record (recorded 1970, first released 1980)

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Oregon - Our First Record  (recorded 1970, first released 1980)

Oregon - Our First Record
Jazz | 1980 | MP3 320Kbps¬118 MB | Time 47:12 | Covers
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This wonderful album was recorded in 1970, before Oregon's "official" first release, "Music of Another Present Era," but not released until 1980. It was in print on vinyl for about five minutes, but then disappeared. It's a marvelous record, and a must-own for fans of Oregon's early sound or anyone interested in acoustic music that seeks inspiration in a wide range of cultures and sources. There are spirited versions of songs that would appear of later albums (Amazon)


*01.- Canyon Song
*02.- Full Circle
*03.- Japan/Charles St. Melancholy
*04.- Collin’s Delite
*05.- Cry of the Peacock/Coral
*06.- Mary’s New Bloom
*07.- Aheer
*08.- Recuerdos
*09.- L’Histoire du Farm Suite
*10.- Jade Vision
*11.- Molecular
*12.- Margueritte
*13.- Entrez Devotée Compagne


*Paul Mccandless: oboe
*Collin Walcott: sitar, tabla
*Ralph Towner: piano, guitar
*Glen Moore: bass

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