Paul Dunmall Brass Project - Maha Samadhi (2017)

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Paul Dunmall Brass Project - Maha Samadhi (2017)

Paul Dunmall Brass Project - Maha Samadhi (2017)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 357.95 Mb | 58:37 | Cover
Free jazz, Avant-garde | Label: Slam Productions - SLAMCD 2105

With his brass project 'Maha Samadhi' saxophonist/composer Paul Dunmall takes a rare step into the world of composition; the suite is based on episodes from the life of Sri Ramakrishna, 19th century Indian mystic and yogi. The group includes trumpeter Percy Pursglove and drummer Tony Bianco. Paul's four previous albums on SLAM have defined his Coltrane interests and influences; the choice of the brass project picks up further on his love of everything Coltrane. Paul writes: "I've been wanting to do a brass project for many years and finally I got the chance. I've enjoyed writing for it and have had some very positive feedback so maybe this will encourage me to do more writing in the future."

Track List:
1 Ecstatic, Unbearable Love 12:24
2 Temple Of The Mother's Presence 14:04
3 In The Cossipore Garden 12:36
4 Maha Samadhi 14:12
5 Infinite Cry 5:24

Paul Dunmall (tenor saxophone)
Olie Brice (bass)
Tony Bianco (drums)
Percy Pursglove, Aaron Diaz, Alex Astbury (trumpet)
Dave Sear, Josh Tagg (trombone)
Josh Palmer, Jo Sweet (tuba)
Ed Bennett (conductor)




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