Milton Babbitt: PianoWorks (1986)

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Milton Babbitt: PianoWorks (1986)

Milton Babbitt: PianoWorks (1986)
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There are those who lament the supposed rupture of the Western musical performance tradition. In decades past, their argument runs, performers were either naturally interested in the music of their time or composed themselves, thus extending the tradition by recasting the music of the past in the image of the present. Now, pessimists complain, performers concern themselves only with rote regurgitations of the past, leading to the ossification of the tradition. Robert Taub, who has recorded all of the Babbitt's piano works for Harmonia Mundi, does not limit his musical sensibility, honed by his involvement in intense, abrupt, unforgiving modern music, to treating the composer's music like some rare form of hieroglyph—although unquestionably indecipherable it may be.


    1. Three Compositions (1947-48)
    2. Duet (1956)
    3. Semi-Simple Variations (1956)
    4. Partitions (1957)
    5. Post-Partitions (1966)
    6. Tableaux (1973)
    7. Reflections (1974) for piano and synthesized tape
    8. Canonical Form (1983)
    9. Lagniappe (1985)

    Robert Taub, piano

    Harmonia Mundi: HMC 905160
Milton Babbitt: PianoWorks (1986)

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