Lukas Foss: Orpheus & Euridice (1989)

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Lukas Foss: Orpheus & Euridice (1989)

Lukas Foss - Orpheus & Euridice (1989)
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In Orpheus and Euridice, a work composed in 1972 and expanded in 1983 as a dedication to Yehudi Menuhin and Edna Michell, Lukas Foss sought to evoke the feeling of an unfamiliar time and place by weaving elements of pantomime with unconventional instrumental timbres. The effect of the new synthesis sought to humanize the work while balancing its alienated, otherworldly character with moments of warm-blooded passion, and to heighten the sense of loss at the end.


    Renaissance Concerto

    for Flute & Orchestra

    I. Intrada (4:58)
    II. Baroque Interlude (3:37)
    III. Recitative (5:13)
    IV. Jouissance (6:43)

    Carol Wincenc, flute

    Salomon Rossi Suite

    I. Moderato con moto (0:52)
    II. Allegro (0:49)
    III. Andante (1:38)
    IV. Allegretto sostenuto (1:10)
    V. Lento (1:38)
    VI. Allegro (1:20)

    Orpheus and Euridice (21:31)

    Yehudi Menuhin and Edna Michell, violins

    Brooklyn Philharmonic
    Lukas Foss, conductor
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Lukas Foss: Orpheus & Euridice (1989)

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