Prince Far I, Under Heavy Manners - 6 albums in 3 parts - Set 2

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Prince Far I, Under Heavy Manners - 6 albums in 3 parts - Set 2

Prince Far I, Under Heavy Manners - 6 albums in 3 parts - Set 2

Prince Far I, Under Heavy Manners - 6 albums in 3 parts - Set 2

Genre: Reggae | mp3 @ different bitrate | 6 albums in 3 parts | 3:42:37 | 314 MB

Prince Far I

born Michael James Williams
1944 - Spanish Town, Jamaica
murdered September 15, 1983 - Kingston, Jamaica

These pages are a tribute to the man that was born in 1944 or 1945 in Spanish Town, Jamaica as Michael James Williams.
He became well known under his stage names ''King Cry Cry'' and ''Prince Far I''. Prince Far I started his career in the early 70's with a tune for Bunny Lee called ''The Great Booga Wooga''. Later on he recorded songs for Joe Gibbs and eventually started his own label called ''Cry Tuff''. Prince Far I is sadly no longer with us, he was murdered the 15th of September 1983.
It's like Prince Far I sang in the song called ''Heavy Manners'' from the album ''Under Heavy Manners'':

''… discipline is what the world needs today and etiquette, you know.
For one of the noblest things a man can do is to do the best he can, yeah …''

The second set includes:

Part 1 ( - 112 MB):

1976 - Prince Far I - Under Heavy Manners - (10 tracks - 33:00 - 256 kbps)

01-Rain a Fall
02-Big Fight
03-You I Love And Not Another
04-Young Generation
05-Shine Eye Gal
06-Boz Rock
07-Show Me Mine Enemy
09-Deck Of Cards
10-Heavy Manners

1978 - Prince Far I - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 1 - (10 tracks - 38:39 - 192 kbps)

01-A Message
02-The Visitor
03-The Right Way
04-Long Life
05-The Encounter
06-Ghardaia Dub
07-Mansion Of The Almighty
09-Prince Of Peace

Part 2 ( - 91,1 MB):

1978 - Prince Far I - Long Life - (9 tracks - 32:37 - 160 kbps)

01-Daughters Of Zion
02-Right Way
03-Black Starliner Must Come
04-Praise Him With Psalms
05-In Your Walking Remember Jah Jah
07-Love One Another
08-Who Have Eyes To See
09-So Long

Produced by M. Williams. A Cry Tough Production 1978.
Lead guitar : Chinna as Melchezinick
Rhythm guitar : Bingy Bunny
Keyboards : Bobby Kalphat/Tarzan/Snappy
Melodica : Bobby Kalphat
Bass guitar : Robby Shakespeare/George Fullwood
Drums : Sly Dunbar/Santa
Percussion : Prince Far I/Bongo Herman
Horns : Dirty Harry/Don Drummond Jr.
Vocals : Prince Far I

Recorded at : Harry J. Studios
Engineer : Sylvan Morris
All titles composed and arranged by : M. Williams
Photograph : Dennis Morris
Design : Zebulon

1979 - Prince Far I - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 2 (9 tracks - 29:44 - 256 kbps)

01-Ogun Dub
02-Bendel Dub
03-Ondo Dub
04-Gongola Dub
05-Suru-Lere Dub
06-Anambra Dub
07-Kaduna Dub
08-Oyo Dub
09-Borno Dub

Part 3: ( - 110,6 MB)

1980 - Prince Far I - Jamaican Heroes (9 tracks - 36:32 - 256 kbps)

01-Deck Of Life
02-The Vision
03-Natty Champion
04-Read A Chapter
05-Golden Throne
06-Jamaican Heroes
07-Prison Discipline
08-Musical History
09-Jah Will Provide

All titles except number 1 (M. Williams/T.Tyler) written by Michael Williams
and published by New Town Sound Limited.
Produced by : Prince Far I
Engineers : ''Crucial'' Bunny Channel One Jamaica
Mixed by : Dave Hunt & Prince Far I

Drums : ''Style'' Scott/Sly Dunbar
Bass : Errol ''Flabba'' Holt/Robbie Shakespeare
Rhythm guitar : Bingy Bunny
Lead guitar : Sowell
Piano : Gladstone Anderson
Organ : Winston Wright
Percussion : Prince Far I
Backing vocals : Basheba/Vivien/Ari/E.Holt
Flute : Kalimba/David Toop
Toy piano/Toy synthesiser/Various whistles/Melodica/Various noises: Steve

Special Thanks To : Roots Radics & Flying Lizards

1995 - Prince Far I & KIng Tubbys - In The House of Vocal & Dub (14 tracks - 52:05 - vbr)

01-Jordan River - Prince Far I
02-Fireman - King Tubbys
03-Don't Rape The Black Daughter - King Tubbys
04-Rally Rally Round - King Tubbys
05-Take Caution - Prince Far I
06-Cleopatra - King Tubbys
07-Not All That Glitters Is Gold - King Tubbys
08-Stop Oppression Now - King Tubbys
09-Poor A Di Biggest Crime - Prince Far I
10-Wicked Man - King Tubbys
11-Tribulation - King Tubbys
12-Old Nega War - King Tubbys
13-Iron Bar Stay Far - Prince Far I
14-Death To All Racists - King Tubbys

Produced & Arranged by Prince Far I & King Tubbys. Mixed by King Tubbys & Scientist.

seperatly packed

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Part 2 (91,1 MB)
Part 3 (110.6 MB)


3 parts is better for my Premium-Point-collection… ;-)

one more set will follow, so watch out, and enjoy!