Rob Tognoni - Catfish Cake (2020)

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Rob Tognoni - Catfish Cake (2020)

Rob Tognoni - Catfish Cake (2020)
WEB FLAC (tracks) - 315 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 97 Mb | 00:42:02
Blues Rock | Label: MIG Music

Rob and his guitar have been treading the stages worldwide for the past 35 years. 20 albums over the past 22 years are to his credit through labels such as Provogue and Dixiefrog. He has opened for the greats – Roy Buchanan, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s mentor Lonnie Mack, Joe Walsh from the Eagles, shared stages with Peter Green, Sting, ZZ Top, Bo Diddley. He has represented Australia at the Royal Wedding celebrations of Prince Frederik & Princess Mary of Denmark, performed for FIFA World Cup Football in Germany, played from maximum security prisons in Australia to the Mozart House in Vienna plus countless other experiences that have honed his skills.

Rob is originally from Tasmania, Australia and goes under the pseudonym of “The Tasmanian Devil”. His style is fiery, energetic, inventive and explosive. His roots are from blues, blues rock & classic rock but also adding many other colours to the palate to give him his sound & uniqueness.

“Catfish are synonymous with the Mississippi Delta, this is where the roots of what I play began…the Blues. The Church considered it Devil’s music, it was rebel in the making and spawned the greatest and most influential rebel Bluesman – Robert Johnson…he paid for it with his life…and his soul… This album is a combination of essential “Catfish”, lifelong influences, rebellion, humour, love, social conscience, baked slowly over the last 40 years. It’s not a Blues album by purist’s standards, but you will feel where it came from…“
1. New Set of Rays (02:46)
2. Dealin' at the Crossroads (04:04)
3. Captain Magic (03:51)
4. Fat Orange Man (03:49)
5. Superficial (04:26)
6. No Sleep in Hell (04:29)
7. She Waited (03:29)
8. James Brown (02:04)
9. Makin' Me Live (02:40)
10. Conspiracy Deep State (03:20)
11. Outback (03:10)
12. Full Recovery (03:45)




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