Ryan Farish - Daydreamer

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Ryan Farish - Daydreamer

Ryan Farish - Daydreamer
mp3 | 192 kbps | 2002 Year | 69 min | 95 mb
Genre: New Age, Electronic, Ambient

"Like a dramatic narrative encompassing a spectrum of musical feels, 'Daydreamer' is all about a sense of fluidity – moods, ideas, and visions – that comes across perfectly in the carefully nuanced interplay of piano/keyboards, percussion, and strings."

"Vangelis came to mind more than once while listening to Ryan Farish on his inspiring recording Daydreamer. All recorded by Farish himself, his music is a collection of digitally blissful sounds, a true reflection of our age of technologically advanced recording processes. The compositions he creates are a combination of technological and keyboard wizardry affording the listener an opportunity to paint visions inside their head with the aid of every track."


01. Night Wind
02. Secret Garden
03. Atlantica
04. Holding Faith
05. Angel
06. Chasing the Sun
07. Daydreamer
08. Dream In Essence
09. Enchanted
10. Modern Beauty
11. Letting Go
12. If Only
13. Imaginary
14. Journey to the Light
15. Holding Faith (Reprise)

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Ryan Farish - From The Sky

to be continued…