Spyro Gyra - Access All Areas (Live)

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Spyro Gyra - Access All Areas (Live)

Spyro Gyra - Access All Areas (Live) (1983)
APE | 448 Mb | Genre: Jazz, Fusion

Excellent live collection of Spyro Gyra creations. It's got the obligatory \"Morning Dace\" and \"Shaker Song\" with some band favorites thrown in for a deeper flavor. The recordings convey the enthusiasm of the crowd and the band's rapport with them. Particularly good is \"Latin Streets,\" the band's farewell encore, including a fantastic, smooth, and rocking guitar solo as the band just sits back and enjoys their music and our enjoyment of it as well. If you have ever seen Spryo Gyra live you know how they always take their songs up a notch with added improvisation and true showmanship.

01. Shaker Song
02. Serpent In Paradise
03. Heliopolis
04. Harbor Nights
05. Conversations
06. Schu's Blues
07. Morning Dance
08. Islands In The Sky
09. Sea Biscuit
10. Latin Streets

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