Don Sugarcane Harris - Cup Full Of Dreams (1973)

Posted By: John Wang
Don Sugarcane Harris - Cup Full Of Dreams (1973)

Don Sugarcane Harris - Cup Full Of Dreams (1973)
Jazz | remastered/reissued 2009 | MPS | artwork | no log-/ no cue-files | flac tracks | 39:07 | 247mb

"Blues violinist Sugarcane Harris is on fire during this 1973 studio session for BASF, which features many of his regular collaborators of the period. Harris, who wrote all of the material heard on the date, mixes elements of jazz, country, and rock into his brand of blues. He is brilliant in the midtempo blues "Runnin' Away". "Hattie's Bathtub" is a catchy blues waltz. But it is the extended composition "Cup Full of Dreams" that showcases Harris' lyricism on his instrument.
One amusing aspect of the LP is the obvious presence of guitarist Harvey Mandel, who evidently could not be named for contractual reasons, though his photo is barely disguised with an old-fashioned black bar over his eyes. Don't let's overlook his other accompanists who are all eminently suited to Harris. Sugarcane here really has surrounded himself with a group of compatible co-workers. "
track listing:
01. Runnin' Away 8:00
02. Hattie's Bathtub 7:23
03. Bad Feet 5:21
04. Cup Full Of Dreams 14:24
05. Generation Of Vipers 4:15

Produced by MPS-Records
MPS originally 'Musik Produktion Schwarzwald',
later interpreted as 'Most Promising Sound' for promotional reasons
Co-Producers: Don Sugarcane Harris and Jerry Fox.
Recorded under the supervision of Baldhard G. Falk in Hollywood, California, 1973
Cover design: Wolfgang Baumann
Reverse photos: Falk
Sugarcane Harris under contract with Joachim Ernst Berendt

CD re-issue remastered from the original master tapes by Eastside Mastering, Berlin/ Germany.
Engineer: Henning Nirkenhake
Re-Issue design by density design Jürgen Schwab, Malsburg/ Germany
Katakana transcription of artists and title by Nobuhisa Nakanashi
Re-Issue conceived and produced by Consol Bodo Jacoby for promising music, Freiburg/ Germany
℗ MPS Records
© 2011 promising music, licensed from Universal Classics & Jazz, a division of Universal Music GmbH
Original cat №: MPS 15401

Don Sugarcane Harris: violin
Dewey Terry: el. piano, percussions
Paul Lagos: drums
Larry Taylor: bass
Randy Resnik: guitar
Victor Conte: drums
Robert Wyatt: drums
and a mystery guest also on guitar

All compositions by Don Harris (Zook Publishing, BMI)