Craig Armstrong - the Bone Collector OST

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Craig Armstrong - the Bone Collector OST

Release Date: October 26, 1999 | Label: Decca U.S. | ASIN: B00002CF4Y
Soundtrack | 1999 | 192kbps | 100mb

Until 1999, Craig Armstrong was best known for his production work alongside Massive Attack. But then, seemingly in one year, Armstrong created a name for himself as a soundtrack composer–and a good one at that. Plunkett & Macleane established his unique blend of symphonic and ambient elements in a score that defied categorization. On The Bone Collector, Armstrong has created another strong soundtrack in a similar vein. Don't expect the foreboding chill of Massive Attack's Blue Lines on this instrumental score, nor fast-and-furious breakbeats. Instead, Armstrong simply peppers his vast, slow-moving orchestral movements with the occasional turntable scratch or keyboard synth effects. The London Symphony Orchestra perform the bulk of this work, which sounds at times like Orff or Mahler made for the chill-out room at a rave. Occasionally repetitive, The Bone Collector is still easy to recommend for its creative arrangements and sheer power when played at volume. Great stuff.
Jason Verlinde

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