UnSun - The End of Life (2008)

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UnSun - The End of Life (2008)

UnSun - The End of Life (2008)
MP3 192-320 Kbps | 42:19 | Poland | 67 MB | Gothic Metal

UnSun is a Polish gothic metal band formed by the ex-Vader guitarist Mauser. They started as a Mauser's side-project, but right from the start it was clear that UnSun was not supposed to be just another side-project for Mauser, but his personal way of exploring new music. Thus, he and Aya (Mauser's wife) started looking for other exceptional musicians to make UnSun a full-time band. Very soon Vaaver from Indukti and Heinrich, who also plays bass in Vesania, teamed up with Mauser and Aya to form the high profile band they are today. After they sign conctract with record label Century Media Records, Mauser left Vader permanently.
Aya - Vocals
Mauser - Guitar (Dies Irae (Pol), Christ Agony, Vader)
Heinrich - Bass (Rootwater, Masachist, Vesania (Pol))
Vaaver - Drums (Indukti)

1. Whispers 03:33
2. Lost Innocence 03:18
3. Blinded by Hatred 03:33
4. Face the Truth 05:05
5. The Other Side 04:03
6. Destiny 03:54
7. Memories 03:5o
8. Bring Me to Heaven 04:45
9. On the Edge 03:34
10. Closer to Death 03:44
11. Indifference 03:00