Vangelis - Reprise: 1990-1999

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Vangelis - Reprise: 1990-1999

Vangelis - Reprise: 1990-1999
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Genre: New Age | Electronic

This album is comprised of some of Vangelis' greatest accomplishments of the past 10 years. For those who love and have loved his music, it is a great addition to his prior CDs. To those who are not familiar with his work, it is a wonderful introduction to the immense artistic achievments of the noble Greek.
Best Of covers some of his most appealing work from the years 1990 to 1999, making for one of the most accommodating routes in which to explore this era of his music. For the most part, Vangelis focused closely on classically oriented textures and softer, gentler keyboard applications in this period, but his skills at creating accurate moods and imagery to accompany the albums' concepts were still as faultless as ever.
"Reprise" is a collection of material from the Greek composer Vangelis - is one of the pioneers in electronic music and in incorporating electronics and orchestration. His music is big, even in it's calmer moments..


1. (Oceanic:) Bon Voyage
2. (Oceanic:) Dreams Of Surf
3. (1492:) Opening
4. (1492:) Conquest Of Paradise
5. (1492:) Monastery Of La Rabida
6. (Voices:) Come To Me
7. (1492:) Light And Shadow
8. (Oceanic:) Fields Of Coral
9. (El Greco:) Movement 5
10. (El Greco:) Movement 6
11. (1492:) West Across The Ocean Sea
12. Theme From 'Bitter Moon'
13. (Blade Runner:) Rachel's Song
14. (El Greco:) Movement 4
15. (The Plague:) Psalmus Ode
16. (The City:) Dawn
17. (Voice:) Prelude

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