Vedar - Inonatus (2019)

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Vedar - Inonatus (2019)

Vedar - Inonatus (2019)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 343.99 Mb | MP3 CBR 320kbps ~ 127.55 Mb | 55:24 | Cover
Progressive Rock | Country: UK | Label: Vedar

"Inonatus" What does it mean? Is it an as yet undiscovered planet in a far-off galaxy? Or some sort of mythical monster from a distant past? A Harry Potter magical spell, perhaps? Or what? Use your imagination. We're not saying. But what we can say is that if you are into early 1970s British prog rock bands such as King Crimson/Camel/ Genesis/Yes/Pink Floyd/Caravan et al, you'll definitely find a lot here to quench your musical thirst. And you can play "Spot The Influence"!

This is our second album of instrumental prog rock - although this time we have included two bonus tracks with vocals, the latter of which, "21st Century Lullaby", is gentle end to a fairly busy album. The music generally has a harder, rock edge than our first album ("Freudian Saturday"), and there is more improvisation too, though there are still strong structural frameworks throughout which sometimes take very unexpected twists and turns. What you can expect is unusual time signatures and syncopation on some tracks (inevitably), as well as catchy melodic sequences and muscular riffs and motifs. Authentic!

Track List:
01 - White Rabbit in New York (00:04:05)
02 - No Messing! (00:04:14)
03 - M104 (00:04:12)
04 - Ying Yang Ying (00:05:13)
05 - For Fripp's Sake (00:05:10)
06 - Nameless Fear (00:05:14)
07 - Leviathan (00:05:10)
08 - Bassically (00:02:03)
09 - Part and Parcel (00:04:24)
10 - Storm Chaser (00:04:54)
11 - Inonatus (00:04:02)
12 - Heavy Goods (00:04:43)
13 - 21st Century Lullaby (00:01:54)




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