Craig Armstrong - World Trade Center OST

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World Trade Center OST
2006 | alt-preset extreme | EAC | 97mb

Composer Craig Armstrong has done arrangements for a variety of pop acts while building a reputation for both his own stand-alone neoclassical pieces and scores for the stage and film. Calling on him for this tricky assignment was a good move: Armstrong is a subtle musician who prefers understatement to grand gestures, and he's set a tone that's opposite the usual Hollywood symphonic grandstanding (typically, a cue is titled "Ethereal"). Avoiding pulling at the listener's heartstrings in too obvious a manner, the string-heavy score is minimally somber, declining its theme mostly with cello and piano. (The downside is that it can be difficult to differentiate the tracks, which tend to meld into one another after a while.)
You're not going to whistle along to this CD, but neither would you want to.

World Trade Center Piano Theme
New York Awakes
Drive Downtown
Rise Above the Towers
World Trade Center Choral Piece
John & Donna Talk About Their Family
John's Woodshed
Marine Arrives at Ground Zero
Will and Allison in the Hospital
Allison at the Stoplight
Jimeno Sees Jesus
John and Will Found\Will Ascends
John's Apparition
John Rescued\Resolution
Ethereal Piano Coda

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