Xerxes [2oo6] - Xerxes for Dummies

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Xerxes [2oo6] - Xerxes for Dummies

Xerxes [2oo6] - Xerxes for Dummies
Ambient, Lo-Fi | Label: Kahvi Collective | mp3, VBR~198kbps | 1:07:34 | 95 Mb

Xerxes, also known as Klaus Lunde, was born in 1973 in the southern parts of Norway.
At the age of 14, he started producing music using an Amiga500.

In 1996, after having gone through various experiments and compositional phases, he finally arrived at a style he could call his own.
Since then, Klaus has spent most of his time developing this sound and will shortly showcase the results in his debut solo album.
His music has since been featured on numerous famous netlabels and demoscene groups. in April 2006, the long awaited debut album from Xerxes was released on Cardamar Music. It was printed in 300 copies and sold out in less than 30 days. All this despite the fact that it was released as a free download several months earlier (and still is available in the downloads section). A second album is in the works, and will be released sometime in 2007

Xerxes [2oo6] - Xerxes for Dummies

1 Erotica (5:03)
2 Classic (4:59)
3 Calculate This (3:27)
4 Spoonbender (2:17)
5 Forklifter (2:18)
6 In Bed With Vadim (3:45)
7 Eastcoast (3:32)
8 Drinks Are On Me (2:45)
9 Siberia (2:33)
10 Picture Of Her (2004 Version) (4:50)
11 Sinatra Goes Biking (1:44)
12 Sugar Bomb (4:46)
13 Hits For Kids (2:05)
14 Adrift (3:38)
15 My Favorite Kind Of Silence (8:28)
16 Slide (7:37)
17 Eventyr Intro (3:39)

Xerxes [2oo6] - Xerxes for Dummies
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Xerxes [2oo6] - Xerxes for Dummies