The Private Music of Suzanne Ciani (1992)

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The Private Music of Suzanne Ciani (1992)

The Private Music of Suzanne Ciani (1992)
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Suzanne Ciani is a composer, recording artist, and pioneer in the field of electronic music and sound design. She is best loved for her eleven albums of original music which feature her performances in a broad array of expressions: pure electronic, solo piano, piano with orchestra, and piano with jazz ensemble. Her music, reknowned for its romantic, healing, and aesthetic qualities, has found a rapidly growing international audience, and her performances include numerous benefits for humanitarian causes.

Personnel includes: Suzanne Ciani (piano); Jane Rutter (flute); Joel Peskin (electric wind instrument). All songs written by Suzanne Ciani, except "Go Gently" and "Sailing To Byzantium" (Suzanne Ciani/Jeremy Lubbock). Contains songs from History Of My Heart, Hotel Luna, Pianissimo, Seven Waves, The Velocity Of Love, Neverland and 2 previously unreleased tracks.


01. Anthem (From History Of My Heart)
02. Ondine (From Hotel Luna)
03. Italia (From Hotel Luna)
04. Berceuse (From Pianissimo)
05. Hotel Luna (From Hotel Luna)
06. Mozart (From History Of My Heart)
07. The Fifth Wave (From Seven Waves)
08. The Velocity Of Love (From The Velocity Of Love)
09. Sailing To Byzantium (New)
10. Inverness (From History Of My Heart)
11. Neverland (From Neverland)
12. Tuscany (From Neverland)
13. Drifting (From History Of My Heart)
14. Go Gently (New)

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The Private Music of Suzanne Ciani (1992)