Missa Johnouchi - Kurenai [2003]

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Missa Johnouchi - Kurenai [2003]

Missa Johnouchi - Kurenai [2003]
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Missa Johnouchi is an artist of world-class achievement. She was the first woman to have conducted The National Opera Theater of Paris Orchestra, and her distinctive repertoire includes more than four thousand compositions for Japanese film and television.

Kurenai means crimson – the color of sunset. Listen, as the sun glides slowly toward the horizon, deepening the sky from blue…to indigo…to crimson. Experience the peaceful warmth of Kurenai.


01. Legend of the Mountain
02. Dream Land
03. Kurenai
04. Pilgrimage
05. Sea Wind
06. Deja Vu
07. Full Moon Bay
08. Shanghai Twilight
09. Desert Walk
10. Lawrence
11. Silky Sky
12. End Of The Silk Road

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Missa Johnouchi - Kurenai [2003]