Motörhead - Iron Fist (1982)

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Motörhead - Iron Fist (1982)

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Iron Fist is the sixth album by the British band Motörhead

This was the last album the band recorded with "Fast" Eddie Clarke, who left Motörhead on their second US tour due to a conflict with Lemmy. After his departure, the band drafted ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson to finish the tour. Released in 1982, Iron Fist is mostly distinguished from its predecessors in terms of production, and not favorably. Clarke produced this album himself, whereas industry veterans Jimmy Miller and Vic Maile had respectively manned Motörhead's past four albums. Clarke's production is a bit sterile in comparison, with his guitar in the forefront, sounding slightly more polished than usual. These are minor points, however. Iron Fist is a fine Motörhead album, and there's not much at all to complain about here. As usual, the performance is ferocious and there several standout songs ("Iron Fist", "Heart of Stone", "Speedfreak", a strong selection overall. If Iron Fist falls a little short of its four-star predecessors, it's still in a class with those albums, at least relative to what would follow in the years to come. (~ Jason Birchmeier, AMG)


01. Iron Fist
02. Heart Of Stone
03. I'm The Doctor
04. Go To Hell
05. Loser
06. Sex & Outrage
07. America
08. Shut It Down
09. Speedfreak
10. (Don't Let 'Em) Grind You Down
11. (Don't Need) Religion
12. Bang To Rights
13. Remember Me, I'm Gone
14. (Don't Let 'Em) Grind You Down (Alternative Version, bonus track)
15. Lemmy Goes To The Pub (Alternative Version of Heart Of Stone, bonus track)
16. Same Old Song, I'm Gone (Alternative Version of Remember Me, I'm Gone, bonus track)
17. Young And Crazy (Instrumental Version of Sex & Outrage, bonus track)

All songs by Lemmy / Eddie Clarke / Phil Taylor

Produced by Will Reid Dick & Eddie Clarke
Recorded: January 26 – March 1, 1982 at Morgan Studios & Ramport Studios, London, UK

• Lemmy Kilmister - vocals, bass guitar
• "Fast" Eddie Clarke - guitar
• Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor - drums

Original Release Date: April 17, 1982 (Bronze Records)
Release Date: 1996. Original Bronze Recordings.
Label: Castle Communications plc.