Mars Lasar - Sapphire Dreams: A Romantic Interlude (1998) [lossless]

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Mars Lasar - Sapphire Dreams: A Romantic Interlude (1998) [lossless]

Mars Lasar - Sapphire Dreams: A Romantic Interlude (1998)
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On grand piano with deft touches of his keyboard genius, Mars offers a stunning musical portrait evoking whispers of a time when elegance and grace could coax the heart to open with delight. An invitation to a place where Love and Beauty dance the night. Come, take pleasure in an interlude of Sapphire Dreams
Gentle andethereal throughout, Lasar mixes solo piano with synth - all played by himself. Despite the dreamy theme and feel to most of the album, this is far from a fluff piece. The pieces are beautifully developed and, while very accessible, hold up to many listenings. Classical roots are obvious, but this album is very much in the present, mixing the wonders of the grand piano with the technology of synthesized sounds…;
This album was posted before by neoscanner here in mp3 quality. And I'm posting in lossless. Enjoy!

01. Belongings (4:47)
02. Garden Of Eden (3:17)
03. Sapphire Dreams (4:18)
04. Blue Nile (4:16)
05. Fear & Tenderness (4:04)
06. Amy's Lullaby III (4:20)
07. The Haunted (3:46)
08. Seven Tears (4:13)
09. Forgiven (3:38)
10. Oasis (4:15)
11. A Hurricane Named Desire (4:07)
12. 10 Thousand Mile Between Us (4:28)
Total time: (49:29)

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