Flim & The BB's - This is a Recoding (1992)

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Flim & The BB's - This is a Recoding (1992)

Flim & The BB's - This is a Recoding | 1992 | Genre: Jazz
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Flim & The BB's - This is a Recoding (1992)

Flim & The BB's were the very first contemporary jazz groups on CD. After making one of the first digital recordings ever (1978), the band went on to record five critically acclaimed discs for DMP. Tricycle, Tunnel, and Big Notes all won Digital Audio's "Jazz CD of The Year" award.

These are the guys who were real pioneers in digital music, and used jazz to explore the form's potential. It was all about perfect recordings, extreme dynamic range and beautiful arrangements.

They were pioneers in digital recording technology and used the new flexibilities of the medium to great effect. They placed demands on the capabilities of digital recording and pushed the envelope to places we had thought unattainable.

And then we went even further. They established and exceeded a goal of telling wondrous stories with their music, which would be told, almost entirely, without lyrics.


1. Universe of Two
2. Pagan
3. All My Children
4. Some Other Time
5. New Snow
6. According to Anthony
7. Hopeland
8. Boof and Swat
9. Creeper
10. Tru
11. Imaginary Audience
12. My Lovely Assistant
13. Ate Too Much


Billy Barber - keyboard
Bill Berg - drums
Jimmy Johnson - bass
Dick Oatts - reeds


Part 01
Part 02

No Pass

I will be uploading the remainig other recording I have of this group as soon as I find it or after I buy it again… yes, it is THAT good!


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