Vangelis: (Portraits So Long Ago So Clear), 1997

Posted By: Mirabo
Vangelis: (Portraits So Long Ago So Clear), 1997

MP3 256 Kbps | March 11, 1997 | 132 Mb
Genre: New-Age

Even though it's a compilation album, this Vangelis CD is rich in indellibly dulcet and dynamic synthesizer melodies that will placate the souls of New-Age fans and many others. The four tracks featuring Yes' Jon Anderson are absolutely astounding with his ethereal vocal style. The title track, "So Long Ago, So Clear", will melt away any hardened heart with Vangelis & Jon at the helm of its light, almost lullaby-like sound and lyrics! Also includes the Oscar-winning theme to "Chariots of Fire".


1. To The Unknown Man
2. Italian Song
3. Pulstar
4. La Petite Fille De La Mer
5. Alpha
6. I Hear You Now
7. I'll Find My Way Home
8. State Of Independence
9. Himalya
10. Conquest Of Paradise
11. Hymn
12. Antarctica
13. Sauvage Et Beau
14. Chariots Of Fire
15. So Long Ago, So Clear