Michael Eingorn (Xylophone Master) LP 1959

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Michael Eingorn (Xylophone Master) LP 1959

Michael Eingorn (Xylophone Master) LP 1959
LP 1959 | mp3 CBR 256 kbps | tracks: 16 | ~ 82 Mb | 42:53 | Covers
Genre: Instrumental, xylophone

Xylophone is an instrument that is used rarely in big orchestras to produce that special "water drop" sound in certain passages. Today usually they imitate xylophone sound electronically (think of the "Pop Corn" song). This rare LP contains 16 tunes, played by a Russian master xylophone soloist, Michael Eingorn, with amazing virtuosity. All time instrumental pieces played as never before. Quick 64ths rolling for your musical euphoria.

Find info about Michael Eingorn and hiw legend at the included LP Back cover photo.

01 Hora Staccato
02 Campanella
03 Gypsy Dance
04 Neapoli Dance
05 Moment Musicale
06 Evening Song
07 Czardas Folk Hungarian
08 SabreDance
09 Popcorn
10 Humoresque
11 Russian Souvenir
12 Potpourri Russian Folk Songs
13 Yiddish Folk Songs
14 Israeli Folk Songs
15 Poogy Songs
16 Shake - American