Diane Arkenstone - Stories

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Diane Arkenstone - Stories

Diane Arkenstone - Stories
mp3 | 192 kbps | 2005 Year | 46 min | 63 mb
Genre: New Age

"At an early age Diane was playing guitar and piano and creating imaginary realms based on Tolkein's writings and Arthurian legends. Later, she was drawn to the music of fellow Californian David Arkenstone, who was busy investigating the same musical and mythical themes. Earthy, sensual, and healing, Diane Arkenstone's music entrances listeners and facilitates spiritual and emotional exploration. An intriguing mix of synthesizers, acoustic instruments, tribal percussion, and wordless vocalizations suggest world music that is in itself its own world." - cduniverse.com

01. Your Waiting Arms
02. Fearlessly Falling
03. Letter From a Spaniard
04. Road to Zanzibar
05. Above It All
06. India
07. Electrochemistry
08. A Little Shelter
09. The Sky Within
10. Night in San Sebastian

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