Liquid Mind IV - Unity

Posted By: Arien
Liquid Mind IV - Unity

Liquid Mind IV - Unity
mp3 | 256 kbps | 2000 | 57 min | 104 mb
Genre: New Age, Meditative

"The symbol of the nautilus shell, as depicted in the cover art, sets the stage for the fourth Liquid Mind recording, Unity. A nautilus keeps moving in a perfect spiral throughout its life, into larger chambers of its shell. Liquid Mind is the project of veteran producer Chuck Wild, who has worked with artists as diverse as Michael Jackson and Frank Zappa. These songs build with layers of sustained notes into a gentle climax. "From the Silence" drifts into a gorgeous harmonic infinity. "Society of Dreams" unfolds into a relaxing alignment of chords. These sounds are ideal for clearing the mind of stress and worry."


1. Unity (9:48)
2. From The Silence (8:30)
3. Gold In The Shadows (8:37)
4. Society of Dreams (15:24)
5. Wrap Me In Your Love (7:49)
6. Take Me Tenderly (6:54)

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