Mike Rowland - Mystic Angel

Posted By: Arien
Mike Rowland - Mystic Angel

Mike Rowland - Mystic Angel
mp3 | 320 kbps | 1996 | 56 min | 127 mb
Genre: New Age

"Keyboardist Mike Rowland guides listeners to another safe haven with the help of his album Mystic Angel, a purity and warmth that are undeniable. Selections such as "Hold On To Your Dreams," "I Will Always Be With You" and "Somewhere Before Time" suggest a romantic spirit that will delight his many fans. Once again, piano, strings and synthesizers converge to paint a soothing, delicate atmosphere that will penetrate the hearts of his many fans." ~silverlakemusic.com


01. Mystic Angel
02. Somewhere Before Time
03. Essence Of Time
04. Hold On To Your Dreams
05. Distant Memories
06. Love Is Unchanging
07. Reverence For Life
08. I Will Always Be With You
09. You Touch My Heart
10. Our Home
11. Mystic Angel (Everlasting Embrace)

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