Mike Rowland & Christa Michell - Dolphin Music for the Inner Child

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Mike Rowland & Christa Michell - Dolphin Music for the Inner Child

Mike Rowland & Christa Michell - Dolphin Music for the Inner Child
mp3 | 320 kbps | 2002 Year | 62 min | 143 mb
Genre: New Age

"Dolphin Music for the Inner Child combines the talents of flutist/composer Christa Mitchell and keyboardist/composer Mike Rowland into a suite of gentle instrumentals inspired by the rhythms of water and the wisdom of dolphins. Simple and unobtrusive, tracks such as 'Tranquility', 'Dreamtime Dolphin', 'A Gentle Message of Hope', and 'Crown Chakra' certainly live up to their names with their undulating flute and synth melodies and dolphin recordings. The liner notes also include a bittersweet Finnish story about a mermaid who falls in love with a young fisherman and tells him the secrets of her people, with tragic results. A pretty, soothing album, 'Dolphin Music for the Inner Child' is an above-average collection of new age instrumentals." ~sundmusik.dk

"Dolphins have long inspired new age philosophers and artists. The fluid grace of the species reflects the innocent freedom and joy we all seek. On this album, Mike Rowland and Christa Michell recreate that freedom and joy in their gently lapping instrumentals. Breathtaking synthesizer waves are home to darting silvery flutes and the songs of actual dolphins. From the pretty underwater waltz 'Look into the Light' to the triumphant and symphonic 'A Gentle Message of Hope', the tone is positive and inspiring. 'Crown Chakra', a simple recitation of high tones that resonate with the seventh chakra, echoes the best of Steve Halpern and other music healers. The album closes with the soothing sound of ocean waves and dolphin song. Dolphin Music is a delightful visit with the denizens of the deep, and a musical return to innocence.

Personnel includes: Mike Rowland (piano, keyboards); Kate Williams (piano); Christa Michell (flute); The Sylvan String Orchestra." ~cduniverse.com


01. Crystal Dreams
02. Tranquility
03. Dreamtime Dolphin
04. Look Into The Light
05. Protect The Children
06. Gentle Message Of Hope, A
07. Kronos
08. Spirit Guide
09. Crown Chakra
10. Dolphins

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