Dean Evenson - Healing Sanctuary

Posted By: Arien
Dean Evenson - Healing Sanctuary

Dean Evenson - Healing Sanctuary
mp3 | 256 kbps | 2002 Year | 60 min | 110 mb
Genre: New Age

"As with all the best healing music, the value of Dean Evenson's recordings is not in their melodic content, but in how they resonate inside the listener. This album taps into the most peaceful recesses of the mind and produces a ripple of relaxation in the entire being. Evenson's flutes–sometimes stark and dry, sometimes drenched in reverb–gambol through lush waves of harp and synthesizer. While the eight songs here are meant to flow from one to the next at the same dreamy tempo, slight changes in instrumentation mark bends and dips in the river of sound. Guitar arpeggios and viola enhance " A Moment to Carry You Forever," while electric piano creates interest in "Mending Your Own Mind." Healing Sanctuary is a 60-minute balm for the soul.

Personnel includes: Dean Evenson (flute, keyboards); Scott Huckabay (guitar); Phil Heaven (viola); d'Rachael (harp); Dudley Evenson (handharp, tamboura)."


1. Peace Like A River
2. Calming Insight Of Ourselves
3. A Moment To Carry You Forever
4. Quietly Floating Home
5. Where The Joys Are
6. Open Heaven's Door, I Want To Calm Within
7. Center Of My Heart
8. Mending Your Own Mind