Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela - Flamenco Arabe

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Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela - Flamenco Arabe

Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela - Flamenco Arabe
mp3 | 256 kbps | 2003 | 72 min | 132 mb
Genre: World Fusion, Ethnic

"An interesting fusion between Arabic music and flamenco. Some of the pieces are most straightforward flamenco with some additional Egyptian percussion, thanks to Hossam Ramzy. In other parts, it reverts to a straightforward Egyptian dance rhythm with some careful Spanish guitar in the background. It's when the two mesh that the sound is something worth hearing. Despite the relative obscurity of Rafa Tachuela (actually a German flamenco artist, hence the obscurity), the skill is certainly present to power the music forward. There is some able help from Said Kamal and Mohamed Naiem, providing the Egyptian sounds beyond Ramzy's percussion, and in the end, some help from the Sabri brothers in the addition of a touch of Indian music, as the artists attempt to explore the roots of flamenco through Egyptian music and the roots of Egyptian music through its Indian forebearers. Given that the rise of flamenco came after the Iberian peninsula had been taken over by the Moors, the links between North African music and flamenco are somewhat expected. When the two forms are brought back together to play in tandem, though, something more than the sum of its parts emerges. An excellent addition to the collection of any world music fusionist. " ~Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

Personnel: Rafa El Tachuela (flamenco guitar and oud), Hossam Ramzy (Egyptian and world percussion), Saied Kamal on Egyptian violin, Mohammed Naiem on Nay and kawala flutes, Maged Serour on qanun, Ossama El Hendy on keyboards, Ghoulam Sarwar Sabri on Indian tabla, Ismail Sabri on sarangi, Featuring Danny Thompson and Duddley Phillips on Double Bass.


1. Al Quantara (The Bridge) [Bulerias]
2. Ahlam Ghernatah (Memories of Old Granada)
3. Al Vuelo (Flying) [Bulerias for Taranto]
4. Rumbapa ("Father of Rumba") [Malfuf]
5. Ráfaga de Viento (Gust of Wind) [Rondeña]
6. Kebrieaa Samet (Silent Pride) [Masmoudi]
7. Amor Perdido (Lost Love)
8. Men el Belad (From Our Country) [Saidi]
9. Zambra Por Nadejda (Zambra for Nadejda)
10. Silk Route Suite: Kathak
11. Silk Route Suite: Egyptian
12. Silk Route Suite: Sol y Sal (Sun and Salt) [Siguiriya]
13. Silk Route Suite: Juntos (Together) [Rumba]

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