Eberson - Empathy (2018)

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Eberson - Empathy (2018)

Eberson - Empathy (2018)
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Label: jazzland recordings

Two generations of Ebersons have created an exciting musical collaboration. Father and daughter - Jon and Marte - present 'Empathy', on which he duo express the importance of mutual support in the face of adversity. Through various songs with melancholy shades, and aggressive rhythms, the duo places themselves in a textural and musical landscape, drawing from both the worlds of pop and of jazz.

In this joint project, Jon has provided the lion's share of chordal structures, while Marte has created the melodies and text. The recording features Kristoffer Lo on wind instruments, Mats Miele Jensen on percussion and Roar Nilsen on bass.

Jon's acclaim as a composer and guitarist stretches back to the '70s, from bands like Moose Loose, Blow Out, and Radka Toneff's band, via the '80s Jon Eberson Group, Jazzpunkensemblet and a series of groups in various jazz contexts. In recent years, he has released several albums with Hilde Marie Kjersem and Sigurd Hole.

Marte was the central keyboard player in Highasakite for over five years, and has toured the world with the band, in addition to playing at the biggest festivals at home and abroad. She has also been renowned in diverse musical landscapes, through collaboration with several of Norway's major musical names in both jazz and pop, including Martin Halla, Sjur Miljeteig and Hedvig Mollestad. Marte also released the solo album 'Mad Boy' in 2016.

01. Eberson - Who Am I
02. Eberson - Summer Rain
03. Eberson - Attitude
04. Eberson - Lovely Day
05. Eberson - Go Light
06. Eberson - Bye Little Bird
07. Eberson - Something New
08. Eberson - Blue Mountain

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