Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti - The New York Sessions 1926-1935 (4CD Box Set, 2008)

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Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti - The New York Sessions 1926-1935 (4CD Box Set, 2008)

Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti - The New York Sessions 1926-1935 (4CD Box Set, 2008)
Trad Jazz, Early Jazz | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 757 Mb
Label: JSP Records

Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang cut different figures. Joe was combative, a joker and man about town. Eddie was quiet, considerate and careful with money. They were born in Philadephia - Eddie in 1902, Joe in 1903 - to Italian immigrant parents. Both studied the violin. Their partnership began in their mid teens when Eddie joined Joe's newly-formed band as a guitarist. Soon they were performing as a duo. Eddie made the early running. In 1919 he joined Charlie Kerr's Orchestra as a violinist, switching to banjo. For a few years, he was busy, gigging in Philadelphia and visiting New York to record with Kerr. Joe sometimes went to New York with Eddie, looking to jam with local jazzmen. By 1924, Eddie was in Atlantic City with the Scranton Sirens. There he sat in with the Mound City Blue Blowers - a raucous band led by comb and paper player, Red McKenzie. Not an obvious choice for Lang - but they were well known and they were about to cut a record. In 1925, Joe joined Roger Kahn, then one of the highest payers in the music business. In September 1926, when Joe signed a two year contract with Kahn, Eddie too was on Kahn's payroll. The first cut in this collection is the first they made in their own names. The routine Black and Blue Bottom is transformed by Joe's inventiveness and Eddie's energy. It was hailed as an innovation. Venuti and Lang were settling into what looked like becoming a long partnership. By April 1927 both men were New York jazz fixtures. Whether under their names or the leadership of others they were surrounded by great musicians, like Lonnie Johnson (Lang was one of the first white players to record with African Americans), Bix Beiderbecke, Adrian Rollini and King Oliver. The partnership ended when Lang died aged 30 following a tonsillectomy. Venuti soldiered on for some decades, enduring some obscurity before being 'rediscovered' in the late 1960s. He died in 1978 aged 74.
Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti - The New York Sessions 1926-1935 (4CD Box Set, 2008)


Disc A

01. Black And Blue Bottom (Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang) (2:49)
02. Stringing The Blues (Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang) (2:40)
03. Stringing The Blues (Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang) (2:52)
04. Wild Cat (Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang) (2:59)
05. Sunshine (Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang) (3:00)
06. Eddie's Twister (Eddie Lang) (2:57)
07. April Kisses (Eddie Lang) (3:17)
08. Doin' Things (Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang) (2:57)
09. Goin' Places (Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang) (3:00)
10. Prelude (Eddie Lang) (3:10)
11. A Little Love, A Little Kiss (Eddie Lang) (3:06)
12. There'll Be Some Changes Made (Red McKenzie & His Music Box) (2:44)
13. My Syncopated Melody Man (Red McKenzie & His Music Box) (3:24)
14. I'm Somebody's Somebody Now (Four Instrumental Stars) (3:09)
15. I Like What You Like (Four Instrumental Stars) (2:58)
16. Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling? (Annette Hanshaw) (3:02)
17. Who-oo? You-oo, That's Who! (Annette Hanshaw) (3:07)
18. Under The Moon (Annette Hanshaw) (3:26)
19. Kickin' The Cat (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:12)
20. Beatin' The Dog (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:41)
21. Cheese And Crackers (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:57)
22. A Mug Of Ale (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:00)
23. Wringin' And Twistin' (Tram, Bix & Lang) (3:03)
24. Melody Man's Dream (Ed Lang) (2:55)
25. Perfect (Ed Lang) (3:06)

Disc B

01. Penn Beach Blues (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:50)
02. Four String Joe (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:59)
03. Dinah (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:56)
04. The Wild Dog (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:49)
05. Rainbow Dreams (Eddie Lang) (3:01)
06. Add A Little Wiggle (Eddie Lang) (2:58)
07. My Baby Came Home (Red McKenzie & His Music Box) (2:49)
08. From Monday On (Red McKenzie & His Music Box) (3:02)
09. The Man From The South (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:01)
10. Pretty Trix (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:22)
11. Doin' Things (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:46)
12. Wild Cat (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:26)
13. My Handy Man (Victoria Spivey with Clarence Williams Blues Five) (3:09)
14. Organ Grinder's Blues (Victoria Spivey with Clarence Williams Blues Five) (3:16)
15. Good Little Bad Little You (Cliff Edwards & His Hot Combination) (2:42)
16. Jeanine I Dream Of Lilac Time (Eddie Lang) (3:25)
17. The Blue Room (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:20)
18. Sensation (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:55)
19. I'll Never Be The Same (Eddie Lang) (3:13)
20. How Long, How Long Blues (Sonny Porter) (2:58)
21. Deck Hand Blues (Sonny Porter) (2:51)
22. Church Street Sobbin' Blues (Blind Willie Dunn) (3:02)
23. There'll Be Some Changes Made (Blind Willie Dunn) (3:13)
24. Wild Geese Blues (Gladys Bentley) (3:04)
25. How Much Can I Stand? (Gladys Bentley) (3:07)

Disc C

01. Work Ox Blues (Texas Alexander) (3:21)
02. The Risin' Sun (Texas Alexander) (3:28)
03. Two Tone Stomp (Lonnie Johson & Blind Willie Dunn) (3:07)
04. Have To Change Keys To Play These Blues (Lonnie Johson & Blind Willie Dunn) (3:07)
05. Tell Me Woman Blues (Texas Alexander) (2:58)
06. 'Frisco Bound Blues (Texas Alexander) (2:59)
07. St. Louis Fair Blues (Texas Alexander) (3:00)
08. I Am Calling Blues (Texas Alexander) (3:04)
09. In The Bottle Blues (Clarence Williams & His Novelty Four) (2:56)
10. What Ya Want Me To Do? (Clarence Williams & His Novelty Four) (2:56)
11. My Honey's Lovin' Arms (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:09)
12. Goin' Home (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:20)
13. Jet Black Blues (Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four) (3:06)
14. Blue Blood Blues (Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four) (3:03)
15. Guitar Blues (Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four) (3:14)
16. A Handfull Of Riffs (Lonnie Johson & Blind Willie Dunn) (3:06)
17. Blue Guitars (Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four) (3:12)
18. Bull Frog Moan (Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four) (3:13)
19. Deep Minor Rhythm (Blind Willie Dunn & Lonnie Johnson) (3:07)
20. Midnight Call (Blind Willie Dunn & Lonnie Johnson) (3:23)
21. Hot Fingers (Blind Willie Dunn & Lonnie Johnson) (3:04)
22. Blue Room (Blind Willie Dunn & Lonnie Johnson) (3:10)
23. Runnin' Ragged (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:03)
24. Apple Blossom (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:23)

Disc D

01. Raggin' The Scale (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:19)
02. Put And Take (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:20)
03. The Wild Dog (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:07)
04. Really Blue (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:41)
05. I've Found A New Baby (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:11)
06. Sweet Sue, Just You (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (2:51)
07. Pardon Me Pretty Baby (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:10)
08. Little Girl (Joe Venuti's Rhythm Boys) (3:03)
09. Little Buttercup (Joe Venuti's Blue Four) (3:14)
10. Tempo De Modernage (Joe Venuti's Rhythm Boys) (3:07)
11. There's No Other Girl (Joe Venuti's Rhythm Boys) (3:14)
12. Now That I Need You You're Gone (Joe Venuti's Rhythm Boys) (3:10)
13. The Wolf Wobble (Joe Venuti's Rhythm Boys) (3:03)
14. Toto Blues (Joe Venuti's Rhythm Boys) (3:18)
15. Pickin' My Way Guitar Mania Pt. 1 (Eddie Lang & Carl Kress) (3:01)
16. Feeling My Way Guitar Mania Pt. 2 (Eddie Lang & Carl Kress) (2:54)
17. Fit As A Fiddle (Paul Small) (3:22)
18. Baby (Paul Small) (3:16)
19. Raggin' The Scale (Joe Venuti-Eddie Lang Blue Five) (3:03)
20. Hey Young Fella (Joe Venuti-Eddie Lang Blue Five) (3:09)
21. Jigsaw Puzzle Blues (Joe Venuti & His Blue Five) (3:27)
22. Pink Elephants (Joe Venuti-Eddie Lang Blue Five) (3:13)
23. Red Velvet (Joe Venuti & Russ Morgan) (3:22)
24. Black Satin (Joe Venuti & Russ Morgan) (2:43)
25. Venuti's Pagliacci #2 (Joe Venuti & Friends) (2:48)