Endless Melancholy - Her Name In A Language Of Stars (2016)

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Endless Melancholy - Her Name In A Language Of Stars (2016)

Endless Melancholy - Her Name In A Language Of Stars (2016)
Label: 1631 Recordings | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 63:12 min | 145 mb
Ambient, Neoclassical

Today more than ever, the music of Oleksiy Sakevych and his artistic career under the alias Endless Melancholy is a real testimony, which requires no words, but relies entirely on suggestions, purest essence of a sound became progressively more dense and restless. The lead role they rise, in an ever more decisive and explicit, majestic droniche currents, which sometimes result in a mass of gaseous noise constantly, slowly evolving. The results are impressive cathedrals of sound, the overwhelming density as those of Tim Hecker ( "Tiny Box Of Memories", "Daydreaming") or populated by intangible reflections as the contemplations of astral Hammock (the title track and "Erased Their Hearts") . In compositions which advance between temporal suspensions and modulations of more or less saturated frequencies, they capture just in backlight fragments of resonances away from the piano (the term of "Tiny Box of Memories") or filtered arches openings, preliminary to growing distorted ( " like Ships Without Anchors ").


01. Tiny Box of Memories 07:30
02. Daydreaming 04:23
03. Like Ships Without Anchors 10:20
04. Her Name in a Language of Stars 05:41
05. Their Hearts Erased 03:58
06. Burial, When the Sun Sets 15:10
07. Their Hearts Erased (Benoit Pioulard Remix) 04:39
08. Tiny Box of Memories (Wil Bolton Remix) 08:42
09. Their Hearts Erased (Desolate Horizons Remix) 02:50