Frank Kimbrough - Rumors (2010)

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Frank Kimbrough - Rumors (2010)

Frank Kimbrough - Rumors (2010)
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Post-Bop, Piano Jazz | Label: Palmetto Jazz | # PM 2141 | Time: 00:53:33

Pianist/composer Frank Kimbrough has been active on the New York jazz scene for more than 25 years. Rumors is his fourth release for Palmetto Records. A constant winner in the Downbeat Critics Poll and a much sought after sideman, Frank is a regular member of the Maria Schneider Orchestra and is featured prominently on her Grammy award winning CD, Concert in the Garden. Rumors was recorded at Avatar studios in NYC in a matter of just a few hours and the result is a sincere, swinging trio session.

Rumors – unlike the Fleetwood Mac rock/pop album with the British variant spelling of the same title – is Frank Kimbrough's ultimate effort to play music in hushed tones, far removed from bop or anything remotely involved in overt actions. With hefty-sounding bassist Masa Kamaguchi and balanced drummer Jeff Hirshfield, Kimbrough's piano musings are rendered to beautifully wispy and subtle phrasings that stretch beyond simple melody lines into Zenlike trains of thought. While not quite approaching spirit songs, the music is closer to European art music, and is far removed from interpretation of standards. Kimbrough does have discernible influences, as heard during "TMI," reflecting Thelonious Monk, Herbie Nichols, or Ornette Coleman, playfully expounding on Coleman's "Law Years," while his tribute to Andrew Hill, "For Andrew," is harmonically rich and introspective as anything on this set. Using a rhythmically elusive stance during "Sure as We're Here" or in an interactive but free style for "Over," the trio continually delivers music that lies under the surface yet resonates on a purely emotional level. Though always seen as a performer with depth and substance, Kimbrough may have outdone himself with this excellent recording that emphasizes internal energy and soul, demanding a similar or repeat performance at some other time.

Review by Michael G. Nastos,

Timing is everything, whether discussing music, sports or life in general, and this certainly proves to be the case with the recording of Rumors. In September of 2009, jazz photographer and occasional producer Jimmy Katz made a last minute offer to record pianist Frank Kimbrough in a setting of his choice. Kimbrough, having just played with bassist Masa Kamaguchi and drummer Jeff Hirshfield at the Kitano in New York City, yearned to connect with these musicians again before Kamaguchi returned to his home in Barcelona. The timing proved to be perfect and the chemistry between these three musicians is on full display across these eight tracks.

While seven of these pieces come from Kimbrough's pen, the album starts off with "Six," written by Catalan composer Federico Mompou and unfolding with Hirshfield's slow cymbal dance. Kimbrough's delivery shows an uncluttered sense of melodic brilliance, making this an engaging performance. "TMI," no doubt referencing the popular abbreviation for "Too Much Information," betrays Kimbrough's fondness for piano visionaries like Thelonious Monk, Andrew Hill and Herbie Nichols. Quirky, sea-sawing melodic snippets collide as the trio shows off its elastic sense of time. While performing as one interactive entity on this song, "Hope" begins as a showcase for Kimbrough. Kamaguchi and Hirshfield enter this performance with a fragile sense of being, and support Kimbrough during his comforting and consonant travels. Eventually, bass and piano converse and create some touching musical moments.

The title track begins with some slight hints of the Far East. As the music grows, Hirshfield's ride cymbal work becomes more furious and he rains down on the group with a percussive storm. Kamaguchi's pulsing, insistent bass presence helps to provide a sense of consistency in these stormy moments. Kimbrough creates a two-handed dance on "Sure As We're Here," with Hirshfield providing some skittering brushwork. "Forsythia"—a plant that often signals the arrival of spring—shows deep, beautiful, organic musical growth. An expansive and open feeling pervades this piece, with Kamaguchi blending well with Kimbrough, and the clear ring of the bass and piano seeming to linger in the air.

"Over," with its spiky, jagged beginning, starts off like a three-way boxing match. Each man jabs and prods with his instrument, but things change when Hirshfield takes over, owning the music until Kamaguchi gets his turn. A shower of notes seems to descend from all places as the piece tumbles toward its conclusion. "For Andrew" is six minutes of solemn, absorbing sound. Sensitivity and reverence travel through this piece, as each musician adds to the emotional impact and flow. This recording session might have been coordinated at the last minute, but it's hard to imagine finer musical conversations being crafted with all the planning time in the world.

Review by Dan Bilawsky,

Frank Kimbrough - Rumors (2010)


Frank Kimbrough, piano
Masa Kamaguchi, bass
Jeff Hirshfield, drums


01. Six (8:22)
02. TMI (5:32)
03. Hope (7:06)
04. Rumors (5:41)
05. Sure As We're Here (7:52)
06. Forsythia (6:35)
07. Over (6:23)
08. For Andrew (6:00)

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Frank Kimbrough / Rumors

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Track 1

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Track 7

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Track 8

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03 95,5 [4CE7D8F7] [D1BB32FC] CRC32
04 95,4 [D446A094] [DC774F2F] CRC32
05 98,2 [AE967968] [059E491D] CRC32
06 97,7 [B358761F] [2CB951FF] CRC32
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DR14 -0.40 dB -18.99 dB 7:06 03-Hope
DR12 -0.40 dB -17.59 dB 5:41 04-Rumors
DR11 -0.15 dB -14.90 dB 7:52 05-Sure As We're Here
DR12 -0.20 dB -16.67 dB 6:35 06-Forsythia
DR12 -0.12 dB -13.92 dB 6:23 07-Over
DR13 -0.19 dB -17.99 dB 6:00 08-For Andrew

Number of tracks: 8
Official DR value: DR12

Samplerate: 44100 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 16
Bitrate: 541 kbps
Codec: FLAC

Frank Kimbrough - Rumors (2010)

Frank Kimbrough - Rumors (2010)

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