George Harrison - Baton Rouge 1974 (2CD) (2000) {Voxx} **[RE-UP]**

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George Harrison - Baton Rouge 1974 (2CD) (2000) {Voxx} **[RE-UP]**

George Harrison - Baton Rouge 1974 (2CD) (2000) {Voxx}
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Genre: pop rock

Baton Rouge 1974 is a 2CD bootleg set by former Beatle George Harrison. True to its title, this is sourced from a live recording Harrison did in Baton Rouge at the Lousiana State University Assembly Centre on 26 November, 1974. Harrison's backing musicians include Billy Preston and Tom Scott. This came through on the Voxx label

George Harrison - Baton Rouge 1974 (2CD) (2000) {Voxx} **[RE-UP]**

1. Hari's On Tour(Express)/While My Guitar Gently Weeps
2. Something
3. Will It Go Around In Circles
4. Sue Me, Sue You Blues
5. For You Blue
6. Give Me Love
7. Soundstage Of Mine
8. In My Life

1. Tom Cat
2. Maya Love
3. Dark Horse
4. Nothing For Nothing
5. Outta Space
6. What Is Life
7. My Sweet Lord

Live at Louisiana State University Assembly Centre, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, on 26 November, 1974