George Cotsirilos - Mostly in Blue (2018)

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George Cotsirilos - Mostly in Blue (2018)

George Cotsirilos - Mostly in Blue (2018)
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Jazz | Label: OA2 Records

Jazz guitarist/composer George Cotsirilos had previously recorded mostly in a trio setting with longtime associates Robb Fisher on bass and Ron Marabuto on drums. For his forthcoming sixth CD, "Mostly in Blue," he expanded to a quartet, with pianist Keith Saunders, to shake up his approach a bit but also in the interests of being true to the music he was hearing in his head. OA2 Records will release the new album "Mostly in Blue".

In addition to six Cotsirilos originals, the repertoire includes a luminous arrangement of the Harry Warren-Mack Gordon classic "I Wish I Knew," where Saunders's presence liberates the stylistically wide-ranging guitarist to play legato more than he usually does. Another highlight is a feverishly fast performance of the Charlie Parker classic "Crazeology."

The band worked as their own producers in collaboration with engineer Dave Luke, a decorated veteran of Fantasy Records with whom Cotsirilos had worked several times. "We wanted the album to have a live feel," says Cotsirilos, and this live-in-studio sound can be heard as much in the playing as in the engineering, whether on Bird's bebop burner or the guitarist's slinky "Ms. Luna," written for his "troublemaking" cat.


01. Mostly in Blue
02. Wes Side Blues
03. I Wish I Knew
04. Ms. Luna
05. Blue Dusk
06. Crazeology
07. Lights Out
08. Down, Not Out




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