Helge Burggrabe - Equality (2021)

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Helge Burggrabe - Equality (2021)

Helge Burggrabe - Equality (2021)
WEB FLAC (tracks) - 145 MB | Tracks: 6 | 30:24
Style: Classical | Label: Neue Meister/Edel

The goal of the HUMAN Culture Project is to encourage younger people and adults to strive for a society based on freedom, tolerance and peace. Treaties and economic agreements are not enough if the European idea of peace is to remain a sustainable one in future. One thing that’s long been apparent is that it’s people who have to make this vision come alive. Devising common guidelines on how to serve and engage with society is vital, particularly in view of the disquiet in today’s multicultural societies. Therefore, HUMAN’s objective, founded on the UN’s declaration of human rights, is to motivate young people to boost the European tenet of peace through music, dance and interaction with others.

The initiator of HUMAN is the composer Helge Burggrabe, who created for this project the contemporary HUMAN Suite for Orchestra, which was recorded on CD by the renowned label BERLIN CLASSICS and will be released in August 2021.

01. Equality
02. Liberty
03. Community
04. Love
05. Home
06. Recreation

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