Herman Frank - Two for a Lie (2021)

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Herman Frank - Two for a Lie (2021)

Herman Frank - Two for a Lie (2021)
WEB FLAC (Tracks) 329 MB | Cover | 42:51 | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 99 MB
Hardrock, Metal | Label: AFM Records

"Two For A Lie" captivates everyone with its usual heavy riffs and incredible power. Herman Frank denounces the current global developments impressively and energetically in this musically imposing masterpiece!

HERMAN FRANK, the musical big player has been in the business for decades and still never tires of standing up for his ideals. Starting with ACCEPT, over VICTORY to his solo project started in 2009 and his work as a producer, the Hanoverian has been a guarantor for uncompromising Heavy Metal of the very first caliber for decades.

As he has proven with his previous four solo albums, the HERMAN FRANK concept is undoubtedly finding great favour with a steadily growing fan base. Not least because of the top-class line-up of the band itself: MASTERPLAN frontman Rick Altzi, guitarist Heiko Schröder, AT VANCE and MASTERPLAN drummer Kevin Kott and JADED HEART bassist Michael Müller give the project a wonderfully heavy polish.

Coupled with the incorrigible striving for a great future, HERMAN FRANK has created a standing for himself with "Two For A Lie" in a world that needs nothing more, especially in these times, than exactly these clear and distinct words of truth.


1. Herman Frank - Teutonic Order
2. Herman Frank - Venom
3. Herman Frank - Hate
4. Herman Frank - Eye of the Storm
5. Herman Frank - Liar
6. Herman Frank - Hail the New Kings
7. Herman Frank - Just a Second to Lose
8. Herman Frank - Danger
9. Herman Frank - Stand up and Fight
10. Herman Frank - Open Your Mind




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