Inner Stream - Stain the Sea (2021)

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Inner Stream - Stain the Sea (2021)

Inner Stream - Stain the Sea (2021)
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Symphonic Metal, Nu-Metal | Label: Frontiers Records S.R.L.

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Inner Stream to the label for a multi-album deal.. Inner Stream blends elements of different sub-genres and styles like symphonic metal, electronic, goth, and nü metal, among others. Pushing musical boundaries, the songs hold rich varieties of climates and textures, heavy riffs, powerful melodies, and emotional moments.
"I am very excited and proud to be a part of the Frontiers family," says Inés Vera-Ortiz, Inner Stream's songwriter and vocalist. "This opportunity came at the right time in which the concept of the project reached a peak of maturity and clear vision. While my songwriting is varied, my heart is very close to metal and I will never look away from it. The first album will include songs written during the last few years and I feel they represent well this long journey through lots of different, important, and emotional moments of my life. I am very happy to be able to share those personal moments with everyone."
Label President Serafino Perugino wanted to highlight the talents of vocalist Ines Vera-Ortiz and sought to pair her with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio to highlight her songs and voice. Inner Stream started off in 2008 as a project concocted by Inés Vera Ortiz and her brother Jorge in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At that time, Inés was the vocalist for some local power metal bands, but her songwriting was headed in a different direction. Subsequently, Inés and Jorge recorded a three song demo that was more in a goth metal direction. Afterward, Inés continued composing music on her own and attempted to put a band together, but ultimately decided to set aside the idea for a while. She continued to work on other projects for both Argentinian and international bands while biding her time. In 2017, she teamed up with Guillermo De Medio, an Argentinian keyboard player and producer (Tarja Turunen, Full Nothing, Barilari, etc.), who was undoubtedly the right fit to help Inés work on her songs and bring the vision of Inner Stream together. Now, in 2021, Inés and Inner stream have joined forces with Frontiers Music Srl for the release of their upcoming album, “Stain The Sea” as well as future releases.


1. Inner Stream - Massive Drain
2. Inner Stream - Fair War
3. Inner Stream - Hunt You
4. Inner Stream - Aftermath
5. Inner Stream - Dance with Shades
6. Inner Stream - Drown Me
7. Inner Stream - If You Dare
8. Inner Stream - Stain the Sea
9. Inner Stream - The Bridge
10. Inner Stream - Last Drink
11. Inner Stream - Real




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