James Brown - Hot Pants (1971) {1993 Polydor} **[RE-UP]**

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James Brown - Hot Pants (1971) {1993 Polydor} **[RE-UP]**

James Brown - Hot Pants (1971) {1993 Polydor}
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Genre: R&B, soul, funk

Hot Pants is the 1971 album by James Brown. The CD was released on 23 March, 1993 with a full take of "Escape-Ism" not on the original.
Hot Pants was James Brown's first album under a new contract with Polydor Records. The music came in a rush - "Blues & Pants," "Can't Stand Myself" (a remake of his 1967 recording) and "Hot Pants" were recorded in Washington, D,C" on July 12, 1971, less than two weeks after JB signed the deal. Adding in "Escape-ism," a recent hit on the People label (No.6 R&B, No. 35 Pop), Brown had a monster album.

There was one anomaly: despite what it said on the LP cover, "Hot Pants" wasn't the version on the radio. The original was a People label single distributed through King; when the new Polydor agreement kicked in during the song's race to No.1, it stayed with King.

JB gave Polydor the chance to exploit the hit title for LP sales by re-recording "Hot Pants" within a few days. No one seemed to notice. Released August 1971, the album shot to No. 4 on the R&B LP chart, No. 22 on the Pop chart.

Amazingly, Brown pulled it all off with an almost completely new set of J.B.'s, the second time he was forced to regroup in a little more than a year. Fred Wesley, a former band member who had recently rejoined, took over musical directorship. The ship was tighter than ever.

"Escape-ism" was their debut. Cut in Cincinnati on April 8 - they had been together maybe two weeks - it was a conversational warmup to recording Bobby Byrd's "I Know You Got Soul." The complete take, not included on the original album, offers a glimpse how awesome the band was in the most relaxed circumstances. Sloppy, but funk-y.

James Brown launched into another hot streak with this album. Next, third-time lucky for Live At The Apollo: Revolution Of The Mind.

James Brown - Hot Pants (1971) {1993 Polydor} **[RE-UP]**

CD released on 23 March, 1993

1. BLUES & PANTS (9:39)
(James Brown - Fred Wesley)

2. CAN'T STAND IT (4:37)
(James Brown)

3. ESCAPE·ISM (PART 1) (3:18)
(James Brown - Dave Matthews)

4. ESCAPE·ISM (PART 2) (4:10)
(James Brown - Dave Matthews)

5. HOT PANTS (She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants) (8:42)
(James Brown)

6. ESCAPE-ISM (complete take) (19:09)
(James Brown - Dave Matthews)


Tracks 1-5 originally released as Polydor PD-4054. ESCAPE-ISM (Parts 1 and 2) are
presented as on the original single and LP: separate tracks with fades in between.
Audible distortion is inherent in the original mix.

ESCAPE-ISM (complete take) was remixed from the original eight-track master tape by
Joseph M. Palmaccio and Harry Weinger at PolyGram Studios, November 1992.
It is presented without edits or fades.

Digitally Remastered by: Joseph M. Palmaccio, PolyGram Studios
Recording information and personnel: Alan Leeds

James Brown - vocals, organ
Bobby Byrd - vocals, tambourine (HOT PANTS), organ (BLUES & PANTS)
Jerone (Jasaan) Sanford - trumpet
Russell Crimes - trumpet (except ESCAPE-ISM)
Fred Wesley - trombone
Jimmy Parker - alto sax
St. Clair Pinckney - tenor sax
Hearlon (Cheese) Martin - guitar
Robert Coleman - guitar
Fred Thomas - bass
John (Jabo) Starks - drums
Johnny Griggs - congas (ESCAPE-ISM)

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James Brown - Hot Pants (1971) {1993 Polydor} **[RE-UP]**