Malia - The Garden of Eve (2020)

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Malia - The Garden of Eve (2020)

Malia - The Garden of Eve (2020)
WEB FLAC (Tracks) 235 MB | Cover | 41:55 | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 99 MB
Smooth Jazz, Blues | Label: Musik Produktion Schwarzwald

It was a long time ago that a contemporary artist had appreciated the blues so beautifully. A style that deserved a little dusting in 2020.

“Blues has always been close to my heart. It is a cathartic experience, precious and profound, whether I play it or listen to it on the radio! When I first heard Billie Holiday sing 'Blue Moon', I felt it with every cell in my body - it had such a powerful effect on me. The sensitivity of the blues, born of tragic situations that sometimes reflect my own experiences … No matter how bad family, friends, politics, partners, lovers, governments or elites are sometimes, they can never have the powers of good in the world to destroy. And over time I find more and more about this truth that is deeply rooted in my soul and I finally feel mature enough to understand this wonderful musical tradition - because blues is life. "
And when blues is life, malia is the energy that enables blues to have a soul, a voice. Characterized by her very special timbre, which certainly doesn't need any further explanation, Malia's music lets us pause in the 12 tracks of this album. An album that has everything to become a classic.

In times when technology is increasingly influencing music, The Garden Of Eve does the opposite. It is an organic album that was produced by real musicians in a very lively mood. And even if the blues since the death of the late B.B. King has lost his most loyal missionary, Malia and The Garden Of Eve offer a nice makeover that gives this genre a modern twist and will enchant new groups of blues lovers.


1. Malia - Hope
2. Malia - Last Show
3. Malia - The Thrill Is Gone
4. Malia - Me & My Girlfriend
5. Malia - Two Seedlings
6. Malia - Lord, I Feel so Bad
7. Malia - Restoration
8. Malia - Death
9. Malia - Freedom at Last
10. Malia - Moving Away
11. Malia - Honeymoon Is Over
12. Malia - Love in Vain




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Signature: E3D753DA43D80C6740B29D78CDCECACAA67EAFA9
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