Pete MacLeod - Walk to the Light (2018)

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Pete MacLeod - Walk to the Light (2018)

Pete MacLeod - Walk to the Light (2018)
Alternative, Rock, Singer/Songwriter | 00:45:42 | WEB FLAC (tracks) | 314 MB
Label: Stepping Stone Music

The new album from Singer/Songwriter Pete MacLeod.

Pete MacLeod is a Scottish singer/songwriter with a knack for thoughtful, melodic music. Throughout the 2000's, he independently released a string of singles, EP's and albums on his own record label. Pete's 2nd album "Crestfallen" has been nominated for Scotland's Album Of The Year Award in 2017. Now Pete MacLeod releases his third solo album "Walk to the Light". The new record has dynamics in songwriting and showcases the artist's diversity and talent for melody.

The album was co-produced by acclaimed producer YOUTH (The Verve, Primal Scream, Pink Floyd, Crowded House) and Andy Miller. Musicians that appear as guests on the album include Andy Bell (Oasis), James McCartney (Son of The Beatles Paul McCartney) and Simon Tong (The Verve).

01. Pete MacLeod,Youth,Simon Tong - I Need Your Love
02. Pete MacLeod,Youth,James McCartney - California Son
03. Pete MacLeod - Making a Start
04. Pete MacLeod - Walk to the Light
05. Pete MacLeod - Alone
06. Pete MacLeod - Lost and Found
07. Pete MacLeod - Tales of the Expected
08. Pete MacLeod,Youth,Simon Tong - Goodbye Woman
09. Pete MacLeod - Put out This Flame
10. Pete MacLeod - I'm Not Ready to Let Go
11. Pete MacLeod,Andy Bell - Saudade




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