Public Access T.V. - Street Safari (2018)

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Public Access T.V. - Street Safari (2018)

Public Access T.V. - Street Safari (2018)
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Indie Rock, Garage Rock | Label: Cinematic Music Group

Public Access TV return with their new album, set for release on February 23rd via Cinematic Music Group. Limited pre-ordered copies come with exclusive Demo Recordings cassette of the album. The story of Public Access TV seems like it was written for an episode of Behind The Music. A group of friends drop out of high school and catch a New York City bound bus with dreams of starting a band. What follows is a frenzy of press hype, label bidding wars, a critically-acclaimed debut album, sold-out tours, and festival slots around the world. But as all viewers of any music doc surely know, there is always a darker side to the story, and PATV is no exception. Addiction, recovery programs, public brawls (mostly with one-another) and a devastating explosion - a lifetime packed into one-album cycle. Now for part two, Public Access TV's sophomore album: Street Safari. The band, comprised of frontman and lead-singer John Eatherly, Xan Aird, Max Peebles, and Pete Star, entered the studio to record the new album in fall 2017 with Producer Patrick Wimberly (Beyonce, Chairlift, MGMT, Blood Orange) armed with a plethora of songs they'd written documenting the tumultuous last few years of their lives. If first single "Metrotech" was an indicator of the more expansive palette on this album, second single "Lost In The Game" continues that theme with its incessantly catchy funk-inspired beat.


01. Safari (In My Head)
02. Shell No. 2
03. Your God and Mine
04. Metrotech
05. Told You Too Much
06. Rough Boy
07. Lost in the Game
08. Wait It Out
09. Meltdown (
10. Ain't No Friend of Mine
11. The Quicksands




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