Robert Schimmel - Comes Clean (1996) (Enhanced CD) {Warner Bros} **[RE-UP]**

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Robert Schimmel - Comes Clean (1996) (Enhanced CD) {Warner Bros} **[RE-UP]**

Robert Schimmel - Comes Clean (1996) (Enhanced CD) {Warner Bros}
MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 235 mb
Genre: comedy

Robert Schimmel was a comedian born in The Bronx and released his debut album in 1996, Comes Clean (or Robert Schimmel Comes Clean). In 2004, he was considered one of the 100 greatest stand-ups pf all time according to Comedy Central, and this CD shows the reason why. This was an enhanced CD, so you are able to download the enhanced portion, located in its own folder.

Introduction 2:58
1a Horse Farts
1b Car-Jacking
1c Blowing The Body Shop Guy

Hotels 1:20
2a Non-Smoking Rooms
2b Turn-Down Service

I'm Not Homophobic 2:28
3a Professional Wrestling
3b Me Vs. Mike Tyson
3c Camp Suck-A-Wammie

Airlines 4:07
4a Safety Instructions
4b How To Handle A Hungry Shark
4c Plane Crash Victims

Weird TV Commercials 15:29
5a Time-Life Books
5b Ultra Slimfast
5c Anusol (Popsicle Up The Ass)
5d Feminine Hygiene Products
5e Pina Colada Dick Mist
5f Condom Ads
5g Crotch Wigs
5h Penis Enlarger
5i Wig Ads

Love / Marriage / Sexual Dysfunction / Adult Toys 16:49
6a Premature Ejaculation
6b Masturbating
6c Porno Movies
6d Stunt Cum
6e Beads Up The Ass
6f Inflatable Love Doll
6g Mr. Big Cream
6h Vibrating Butt Plugs
6i Electric Pussy
6j Animal Necrophillia

Fart And Shit Jokes 5:46
7a Emergency Room
7b Diapers
7c Dad's Business Meeting

8 Love Is Blind (It Will Blow Your Mind) 4:24
Video-1 Love Is Blind 3:37
Video-2 Guilty As Charged 4:32
Video-3 Hardcore In New-York 3:32
Video-4 Lenny Bruce 2:29
Video-5 Robert's Parents 0:19

Robert Schimmel - Comes Clean (1996) (Enhanced CD) {Warner Bros} **[RE-UP]**