Rivera/Bomma - Infinite Journey of Soul (2013)

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Rivera/Bomma - Infinite Journey of Soul (2013)

Rivera/Bomma - Infinite Journey of Soul (2013)
U.S.A. | Mp3 320 Kbps | 114 MB
Heavy Metal

Features SYMPHONY X's, Mike LePond! For the first time in over 7 years, Rivera Bomma has released a KILLER NEW STUDIO release to you all here!!! Featuring a stunning collection of musicians, the band features Johnny Bomma (ex-Hades – Metal Blade Records) delivering vocal chops with grit, elegance, and swagger. Don't miss out on this opportunity as it just may smoke every other virtuoso release in your collection this year!

Tracklist :

1. I.J.O.S. Intro
2. Infinite Journey of Soul
3. Empty Desire
4. In Blood
5. Via Dolorosa
6. Angel and Demons
7. Horizon's End
8. In My Dreams
9. The Maker
10. Before the End - MMXIII (Solo)