Slim Dusty - Christmas On The Station (2021)

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Slim Dusty - Christmas On The Station (2021)

Slim Dusty - Christmas On The Station (2021)
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Country, Christmas, Folk, Australia | Label: EMI Recorded Music Australia Pty Ltd

‘Old Time Christmas’ is a traditional bush ballad chronicling an Australian Christmas from a bygone era. Slim Dusty paints a picture of family traditions - Christmas pudding with silver coins, ginger beer made in a kerosene tin, and the coming together of friends and kin with old-time dancing and an open door for all. The instrumentation is as traditional as any bush get-together with vocal and guitar in the lead and the occasional embellishment of fiddle and jaw harp.

‘Old Time Christmas’ is from the 1980 album The Slim Dusty Family Album, which Slim travelled the country performing with his wife Joy McKean and daughter Anne Kirkpatrick. The album was produced by Rod Coe who only three years earlier recorded the Saints’ iconic punk offering ‘I’m Stranded’.

Slim’s voice is as familiar as an old friend to so many Australians; he was considered an Australian National Treasure during his lifetime and 70-year career. One of his many accolades was being the first artist broadcast from space when astronauts played his rendition of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ from the Space Shuttle Columbia on its maiden flight as it passed over Australia in 1981.


1. Slim Dusty - Slim Dusty Christmas Message 1971
2. Slim Dusty - Santa’s Gonna Come In A Mail Coach (2021 Remaster)
3. Slim Dusty - Christmas On The Station (2021 Remaster)
4. Slim Dusty - Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy (Daddy Looked A Lot Like Him) (2021 Remaster)
5. Slim Dusty - Christmas When I Was Big As You (2021 Remaster)
6. Slim Dusty - Joy, Anne & David's Christmas Message 1971
7. Slim Dusty - Old Time Christmas (2021 Remaster)
8. Slim Dusty - Silver Spurs (2021 Remaster)
9. Slim Dusty - Good Old Santa Claus (2021 Remaster)
10. Slim Dusty - Slim Dusty Christmas Closing Message 1971




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