Split Point - TriFlection (2013)

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Split Point - TriFlection (2013)

Split Point - TriFlection (2013)
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Thrash/Heavy Metal

Split point was formed in the summer of 2008. A collective trio of musicians bred in the depths of the underground NJ metal scene. Previously part of such NJ acts as Loss of Breath, Nerv, Slidebolt and Frontline, their collective influences galvanize a heavy sound inspired by metal from the 80’s to today. Refusing to imprison its creativity into a specified sub-metal genre, Split Point composes its music with attention to melodic aggression, feel and dynamics. The concepts of “too heavy” or “not heavy enough” are not part of the vocabulary. The end game: the song…what it is, what it means and how it speaks. This philosophy of creative freedom ingrained within the Split Point power trio allows for the creation of a metal arsenal that both thrashes and grooves with melody, aggression and distinction.

Tracklist :

1. Vision
2. Fallen Gods
3. Sightless
4. Death On a Dime
5. Blanket of Bone
6. Poison Spits
7. Free Not My Own
8. Victim Healer
9. I Need
10. Sleep
11. The Other One
12. Grave Awakening

Total playing time 53:44