The Beatles - The Birth of Apple (2001) {DarthDisc} **[RE-UP]**

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The Beatles - The Birth of Apple (2001) {DarthDisc} **[RE-UP]**

The Beatles - The Birth of Apple (2001) {DarthDisc}
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Genre: interview, spoken word

The Birth of Apple is a 2001 bootleg CD by The Beatles. It is an interview disc where John & Paul talk about their brand new label in 1968, Apple Records, coming from different sources, including UK and US talk shows. It does feature a brief performance from Mary Hopkin. This is a DarthDisc release.
Apple, you may recall, was meant to be the Beatles’ – and in a way, the world’s – creative playground. It was to be a manifestly non-corporate place where artists and dreamers could find the support for projects that establishment companies turned down. And in a small way, for the briefest time, it was. Its record division got off to a promising start with Mary Hopkin, Badfinger, the Modern Jazz Quartet, James Taylor and the composer John Tavener – not a bad roster. Apple Films produced the weird cult classic El Topo. And okay, so Magic Alex’s electronics division ran mainly on fumes and hemorrhaged money – it was a great concept.

That was, of course, long before Apple became what it is today – one of the world’s leading employers of attorneys, barristers, solicitors and lawyers, creatures Apple has unleashed unsparingly, like the bulldogs in the scene recently restored to Yellow Submarine, on everything from similarly named computer companies, Broadway musicals, fans who hoped to celebrate the Beatles on their websites, and scholars working on books about the group and its music.

But let us forget all that for an hour or so, and look back to the halcyon days when Apple was a fresh, pure and wonderfully naïve idea.

This CD begins with a few important mementos of John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney’s May 1968 visit to New York to announce their new company. The first is a reconstruction of the May 14 press conference, compiled from excerpts broadcast on WABC radio, with additions from The Compleat Beatles and The Beatles Anthology stitched in when they were more complete than the WABC versions, or included material that WABC didn’t air at all.

The two major appearances of the week – the Newsfront interview, from WNET television, and the visit to The Tonight Show – are included in their entirety. And filling out the disc is an appearance by McCartney, with protégé Mary Hopkin, on David Frost Presents….

The Beatles - The Birth of Apple (2001) {DarthDisc} **[RE-UP]**

1. Press Conference, Americana Hotel. 05-14-1968
2. WNET Newsfront. taped 05-14-1968, aired 05-15-1968
3. The Tonight Show. 05-14-1968
4. David Frost Presents… Paul McCartney with Mary Hopkin, London, 06-16-1968

The Beatles - The Birth of Apple (2001) {DarthDisc} **[RE-UP]**

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