Tomislav Goluban - Memphis Light (2020)

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Tomislav Goluban - Memphis Light (2020)

Tomislav Goluban - Memphis Light (2020)
FLAC tracks | 38:52 | 246 Mb
Genre: Blues, Rock / Label: Spona

Harmonicist Tomislav Goluban’s 11th studio album, ''Memphis Light,'' is a sequel of sorts to his previous album ''Chicago Rambler,'' which made significant impact outside Croatia. Nine of the ten tracks are written by Tomislav and the tenth is the classic ‘House Of The Rising Sun.’ As suggested by the album title, Goluban took a trip to the Home of the Blues to record at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Tomislav Goluban (vocals, harp) is joined by his band ''Little Pigeon'' - Jeff Jensen (guitars), David Green (drums), Rick Steff (keyboard), and Bill Ruffino (bass). Mark Johnson (slide guitar), Vince Johnson (vocals), Franher Joseph, Reba Russell and Daunielle Hill (backing vocals) were guests on various cuts.

Track List:
1. Hayloft Blues (4:00)
2. Fun Starts Here (5:49)
3. Country Bag (2:50)
4. Disappear For Good (3:57)
5. Memphis Light (4:43)
6. House Of The Rising Sun (3:17)
7. Spirit Will Never Get Old (3:57)
8. Party Time Blues (2:36)
9. Woman Needs A Man (3:30)
10. Can I Be What I Want (4:09)

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FILE: 07. TOMISLAV GOLUBAN - Spirit Will Never Get Old.flac
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FILE: 09. TOMISLAV GOLUBAN - Woman Needs a Man.flac
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