Wolf Krakowski - Goyrl: Destiny

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Wolf Krakowski - Goyrl: Destiny

Wolf Krakowski - Goyrl: Destiny [2002]
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Jazz / Blues / Yiddish music / World / 'Tzadik' stuff

After Wolf Krakowski's last outing, the stunning Transmigrations: Gilgul, he and his band, the Lonesome Brothers, took country music to the extreme margins of integration, where it met blues and traditional Yiddish music in a swirl of loss, longing, and celebrations of holiday foods. This is gorgeous music any way you slice it, moving, deep, sensual, and full of a warm humor to boot.
This cd defies all categorization and all expectations. Wolf Krakowski uncovers early 20th century songs written out of passion, desperation and joy -- and sung in Yiddish. Krakowski is a bluesy rocker, so both musically and lyrically these songs speak directly to us, in 21st century. His voice is sometimes smoky, sometimes plaintive, and often balls-out belting. He assembled top musicians from New York and all over New England. Listen for great Hammond B3 from Brian Mitchell (played for Bob Dylan), sax solos from rhythm and blues master Charles Neville, and a rhythm section that will get you out of your seat dancing from the second the laser hits the disk.
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1. Tate-mame :: My Father And My Mother
2. Dona. Dona
3. Kh'vel Shoyn Mer Nisht Ganvenen :: I'll Never Steal Again
4. Mit Farmakhte Oygn :: With Eyes Closed
5. A Shod Dayne Trern :: A Waste Of Your Tears
6. Tsum Sof Vest Du Zayn Mayn :: You Will Be Mine
7. Drey, Dreydl :: Spin Dreydl
8. Tife Griber, Royter Laym :: Deep Pits, Red Clay
9. Hundert :: One Hundred
10. Lomir Trakhtn Nor Fun Haynt :: Let's Just Think About Today
11. Gib Zhe Khaver A Roykher Ton :: Buddy, Have A Smoke With Me
12. Zingarella

Wolf Krakowski - vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar

Jim Armenti - guitars, mandolin, violin, balalaika, batar
Ray Mason - bass guitar, guitar
Tom Shea - drums, guitar

Seth Austen - National steel guitar, 12-string guitar, mandola, mandolin
Doug Beaumier - pedal steel guitar, dobro
Fraidy Katz - back-up vocals
Daniel Lombardo - percussion
Frank London - trumpet
Corner Mentos - steel drum
Brian Mitchell - accordion, organ
Charles Neville - saxophones
Jaye Simms, Pamela Smith Salavka - back-up vocals
Beverly Woods - tsimbl

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